Bent Knees and Raised Fists

Because Sports Are Politics

Further Reading

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought. –Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Hockey Isn’t for Everyone–But it Should Be

“A Conversation With Brock McGillis on Homophobia in Hockey,” podcast by Jashvina Shah

“New Research Offers Insights Into What Keeps Gay Hockey Players from Coming Out,” by Michael Brown

“The NHL thinks it’s ready for its first publicly out player. It’s not,” by Andrew

Lost Seasons

“The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching: American College Athletics” by Howard J. Savage

“NCAA Not Playing Fair in Parceling Out Sanctions” by Jordan Daniel

“Penn State Abuse Scandal: A Guide And Timeline” by Bill Chappell

The Highest Honor

“The White House Just Hosted Another Men’s Sports Team. Why Not Women’s Teams?” by David Nakamura

“Sports Teams Court Controversy Over Visiting Trump in White House” by Brett Samuels

“A Brief History of Jerseys Presented to Presidents” by Paul Lukas

Sports and Politics Don’t Mix

“Here’s How Nate Boyer Got Colin Kaepernick to Go from Sitting to Kneeling” by Will Brinson

“Muhammad Ali—Boxer, Activist and Provocateur—Dead at 74” by Richard Hoffer

“Jackie Robinson Fought for a Racially Inclusive GOP” by Michael G. Long

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